An Honest Review On HostWinds

An Honest Review On HostWinds

Hostwinds is a licenced Canadian web hosting company, which primarily provides hosting services  and other services such as SEO Services,  VPN, Virus protection, server maintenance, and registration of domains.
The company had a humble begining and slowly established itself as one of important and renown web hosting companies to grace in the market today.


What Are The Benefits Of Hostwinds Hosting?

Variety Of Hosting Available  

Hostwinds developed the ability to offer different forms of online hosting services. It has offered  different plans for common hosting, private hosting, hosting services and VPS hosting. Basic hosting which is commonly known as shared hosting is perfect  for small businesses or new bloggers, since the pricing deals are reasonable, while there are no faster databases, SSD storage options . You can find only those features in the business plan or in the dedicated hosting service.
.For business looking to experience cloud hosting, you  should go for cloud  computing . As cloud offers greater flexibility and performance , you would want the use it for your advantage of cloud infrastructure.  The biggest benefit of cloud computing is that it is both simpler and fully stable.

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Getting a huge company and well established company wants plenty of resources to enable the company to operate seamlessly , in such cases, A VPS hosting will significantly benefit. Two forms of VPS are available i.e. Managed or unmonitored, you could pick one based on the type of business you have  .


When we talk about hosting services there is one time which we might overlook and that is ‘UPTIME’. It is the number of times a website can go down for maintenance or simply the ‘wake up’ time. This can be an important factor for business because if a website frequently goes down then there might be cases where customers or clients start to have reliability or trust issues. Hostwinds has an uptime of nearly 99.99 % which is higher than most Webhosting service providers that are available on the internet today with four established data centres in The US , it more unlikely that your website will ever go down.


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Additional Services

The Hostwinds website provides significant services that can serve all requirements that business or enterprise  may use . And these are as follows.

  • SSL Providers

SSL certificate is really relevant to a corporation, and one of the decisions regarding the protection of a website can be made. You should log it and take advantage of its facilities.

  • E-mail Services

E-mail is one of the tools the company can need and it allows consumers and future customers to deliver e-mail.

  • Registration  Domain

Domain transactions and domain transfers can be made via Hostwinds services. It has one of the best renewal rates in the entire industry.

  • VPN Services

To ensure confidentiality and anonymity on the internet. You need VPN Services.

Excellent Customer Support

Hostwinds boast of excellent service by providing 24/7 365 availability and one can either talk to the experts directly via mail support. You will have access to knowledge panel that you can read , that includes installing WordPress, connecting domain address etc.


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