Top Features Of FastComet Web Hosting

Top Features Of FastComet Web Hosting

FastComet is a comparatively new web hosting provider. Since they came into the business, they’ve been providing reliable web hosting.  FastComet built its San Francisco base in 2013 and has expanded a lot over the years. They currently have 50,000 active clients worldwide and 20,000 cloud nodes. They are a team of 70 workers, establishing their server locations in different parts of the world.

Top Features Of FastComet:


One of the things that make FastComet so good is their uptime. They probably have one of the best when it comes to Uptimes. Almost all web hosts out there will claim to provide you with 99.99% uptime, which they generally aren’t able to provide. FastCpmet, however, provides you with 99.97% uptime.

Free SSL:

As you know, SSL certificates are essential to a website. They ensure user information protection. And since it has such a significant position, SSL’s price ate very high, but FastComet is cost-free. So, all you need to do is buy some package that’s available with FastComet ad, they’d just give you SSL certificates.


Most are quite aware of the fact that when it comes to Control Panel, cPanel is, without a doubt, the best that you can have. The reason behind that is the fact that cPanel is quite easy to use as it has a sleek user interface. Now, FastComet provides the users with the cPanel control panel.

Automatic Backups

Backups are quite important for a website. They are a failsafe plan if your website is hacked or malware-removed. Many web hosts charge a lot of money for automatic backups. But FastComet gives you free regular backups, as well as really cheap plans.

Security & Backups

Website security is what matters the most when it comes to web hosting. There is quite a lot of security measure taken by them, such as 2-factor authentication, account isolation, etc. Now, that not all, they also provide full daily backups and those are available for free.

Customer Support:

They have one of the best web hosting customer service teams. Customer service is available 24/7 and can be reached via live chat or ticket raising. The staff answers your questions very easily, and they will stick to you until all your questions are answered. Along with that, they are quite knowledgeable as well, so you can quite well rely on them without thinking too much.

Data Centres

They have data centers worldwide and these data centers are in many parts of Europe, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London. In Asia, their data centers span around in cities like Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore. Moving on from that, they have their US data centers as well.

FastComet is indeed a very new web host when compared to the other big names in the game. You can try them out, and if you happen to dislike what they provide, then you can just get your money back through the 45-days money-back guarantee provided by them. We hope that the provided information about FastComet has been of help to you. For more information, you can check their official website.

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