Best 5 Apps For Cryptocurrency

Best 5 Apps For Cryptocurrency

One of the fastest and goring industry in today’s world is the cryptocurrency market. there are many people all across the world who are looking for Bitcoins, Etherium, Doge coins and several other forms of currency. To keep a track on everything about this industry is essential to have an application that you can access to anytime you want.

Best 5 Apps For Cryptocurrency

Blockchain –

Looking for an app with all the latest features on cryptocurrencies, then block chain is it. You can enjoy all the latest features as it works with Bitcoin. You can also find some of best features like 20+ currency conversions, two factor authentications, supports 18 languages, allows you to receive and send bitcoin payments, pin protection and more for free.

Blockfolio –

This is another excellent financial app which is mainly focused on cryptocurrency users. With this app you can easily look into your cryptocurrency investments. They now track around 800+ currencies for which you can also get every single detail on the same. This app is also for free where you can also visit the news sections if interested for all the latest news.

Cobo –

Cobo is the best app for cryptocurrency that is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet app. They support several currencies which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Decred, DogeCoin, Ripple and many more. This application also features more that 80 countries and few advanced techs on cryptocurrency like master node pooling and proof of stake which is loved by almost every user.


Crypto Wake is one more amazing app that you can pick to keep a track on the prices of cryptocurrency. This application always stays on your display lock screen with lot of info that you should know. This app comes with media controls, clock date, notifications and more such features. They also have a news feed with all the latest info.

Delta –

Delta is one of the newest applications that has stepped in to this market. This app is built with a portfolio tracker that keeps a track on more than 3000 currencies which is like a full watchlist for your market data. You can also receive price alters. They also support other wallet apps like Coinbase, KuCoin, Bittrex, GDAX and more.

These are some of the best app for cryptocurrency that all the android users can install on their phones and have access too. Stay connected to us for more such info.

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