Best Tesla Cars In 2020

Best Tesla Cars In 2020

Tesla is one of the biggest name in the field of automation. The founder and CEO of the company is Elon Musk. His journey is surely inspiring youth to take dreams seriously and work hard towards achieving the goals. Musk aims to products a sustainable vehicle which does no harm to the environment and this is the reason of him giving electric cars to the world, his contribution would surely be an incredible one when it comes to protecting the mother nature. However, his dreams doesn’t stop here, he has high-end dreams of making cars that fly and has even been planning to go to Mars, his team is working on it. Listed below are some of the best tesla cars 2020

Best Tesla Cars 2020  (Fuel Efficient Cars)

Tesla Semi

Revealed in the year 2017, Tesla Semi is an electric heavy duty car which was announced to be released by 2019. However, due to uncertain reasons, the project witnessed delay. Tesla is now all set to start the production by 2020 with a limited number of trucks. These trucks will be made available in 2 different ranges: 300 mile range and 500 mile range with reasonable price ranges respectively. Tesla semi production might have a closer range to upto 600 miles which was decided post testing.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is one of the quickest project from unveiling to the production of the product. Revealed in the year 2019, Tesla Model Y is an electric crossover for which the production started in the year 2020. Upon the revealation of the product, it mainly got two types of reviews. One of which says that the model Y is just slightly bigger than the model 3 and the other one says that model Y is exactly what people had been desiring for.

Tesla Model S and Plaid

Refreshing model S and model X was the actual plan, however due to delays in the same, production of model Y begun first. Tesla is now planning to come up with a Plaid which is a tri motor powertrain and now sources say that Tesla will be launching the power performance and the new interiors, together. It is strongly claimed that Tesla will be refreshing the interiors of model S and model X by the summer 2020.

And here the list of some of the best Tesla Products 2020 comes to and end. For such more updates, stay tuned. Thank you for your time.

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