HostGator India: Is it Reliable?

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HostGator India is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the country today offering wide range of hosting plans paired with excellent features to choose from. Listed below are some of the major reasons for choosing HostGator as your web hosting solution. Take a look;

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Uptime guarantee of 99.98%

Not 100% but Hostagor India claims to be providing closest to 100% of uptime guarantee, to be precise, Hostgator India is popularly in the web hosting industry for providing a uptime guarantee of 99.98% which is remarkable. They have successfully maintained this consistency from the recent past years ensuring to provide a hassle free experience to its clients. Apart from maintaining an incredible uptime, HostGator is also known for delivering satisfactory results to the clients in terms of loading speed, it claims a speed ranging from 22 to 940ms based upon the location of the browser.

Security and backups

Considering the importance of have a secured website, HostGator takes numerous preventive measures ensuring that your websites are in safe hands. The data centers are designed in way to prevent the interruptions to the services for which the state of the art includes highly sophisticated HVAC systems, network, server hardware and the electrical support. Moreover, they have high tech cooling system in order to prevent the servers from numerous issues which includes over-heating, backup power sources in the events of the blackouts, redundant chillers and lasers to detect the fires.

Real Time Monitoring

Unlike majority of the web hosting service providers, Hostgator is known for performing 24/7 monitoring of the servers in order to keep the intruders distant from your website with the help of the biometric locking systems as well as the mantrap security exits and entrances. Real time monitoring also enables the technicians by instantly updating about the issue if any and let them resolve the same at the earliest to ensure that the potential clients aren’t missed out and the existing clients are having a hassle free experience onto the website. Moreover, the weekly malware scans avoid malicious programs embedded on to the website.

Additional valuables

You can cut down on most of your expenses with HostGator has it is known for providing a fool of freebies which includes free website migrations to HostGator done by the experts at the earliest after the request for the same has been made. A free domain name will be complimentary for picking up the HostGator services for the first term when you decide transfer and set up a new account on HostGator.

45 days money back guarantee

Leaving behind the 30 day money back policy offered by the top notch web hosting service providers, HostGator is known for giving you an additional time period of 15 days which means you will have 45 days in total to discover the services and features offered by the chosen hosting plan to know whether or not they meet your requirements.

To sum up

HostGator will always be at your service for 24/7/365 to help you via live chat, phone support and emails to help you resolve the issues if any. Overall performance of HostGator is great to consider if you do not want to compromise with your business website.

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