Best Free Educational Apps 2020

Best Free Educational Apps 2020

Due to the popular cloud storage software, you can access your saved documents anywhere, anytime on-the-go. In addition to adding all your data to an area not physically bound, Cloud Storage provides some convenient synchronization features that make it easier for you to work with your docs on various platforms and devices. Below are some of the popular iPad and Android cloud storage applications.

Best Free Educational Apps

Google Classroom

Students often have to complete and schedule assignments and appointments at an educational institution. Teachers will analyze and identify them as soon as possible. But is this as simple as it sounds? All these processes are, to say the least, extremely frustrating for all. Will, it is not fantastic if there are ways in which such systems can be simplified? The best solution to this problem is Google Classroom. The classroom of Google is essentially a kind of virtual school. That means that we are able to use it to send advertisements, create classes, start debates, submit tasks, request answers, share resources, etc.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is still at the top of the list of the best free applications for students. The app’s mission is to provide all curious minds around the world with free and world-class education. And we must admit they deliver it quite impressively. Khan Academy has a unique way to transmit knowledge. There are online guides for both schools. Videos demonstrate a gathering of sketches (like a lecturer) on a virtual blackboard. And through these sketches, the narrator explains every lesson. Very easy, okay? Khan Academy also offers online courses for standardized test preparation such as SAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.


Group instruction is an important method to overcome students ‘ learning differences. But many students can’t always meet and work together under a single roof. The last answer to this problem is to remember the app. It allows us to remain linked with the culture in our schools. This group comprises not only students but also teachers and parents. Using a single school or a class code, you will receive daily reminders of your school events when you enter this school group. We may also exchange videos, present tasks, and simple concerns individually and in collaboration with colleagues, remember the message a whole class.

These are some of the best educational apps that you can get. We hope that the provided information was helpful to you.

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