Benefits Of Scala Hosting

Benefits Of Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting may not be that big of a name compared to web hosting’s big guns. But make no mistake, they are on par with all those big names when it comes to offering reliable web hosting services. Scala Hosting focuses on offering web hosting solutions, and the best thing about this business is that it also provides its own in-house security solutions.

The hosting services they provide are safe and efficient, as are their customer services. Scala Hosting lets you pick between shared hosting, email hosting, reseller hosting, etc.

Benefits Of Scala Hosting


One of the most impressive things about this web hosting service is that all VPS and shared hosting plans guarantee 99.9% uptime. But when we test it ourselves, we stumble that their real uptime is 99.95 percent, which is pretty good based on how long they’ve been in the game.

So, if you measure the weekly downtime you could face is around 10 minutes. Along with the uptime, we also note that their site load speed is about 406ms and that’s a really good amount. So, it takes less than 1 second to load sites on their servers.

Customer Support

Ok, who doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support? And how many, in fact, follow through with what they promise? Okay, very less. But Scala Hosting will provide seamless customer service 24/7 and you can contact them via live chat, email, or phone.

Actually, the response timing is very good as we were able to get all our queries answered within 3 minutes. But the only drawback is their pre-sales and billing hours from 2.30 AM to 5 PM every Monday through Friday.

SWordPress Manager

This SWordPress Software is very easy to use and you can handle all your websites with ease. This manager’s greatest advantage is that along with making the job simpler, it also adds a few layers of protection to the websites.

Besides that, you can also install WordPress with ease and reset your admin password anytime you feel like doing it. The company has also confirmed that some new features, such as Cloning, etc, are being created.

SShield Security System

The SShield Security System provides access to your account 24/7. Its only task is to track and review all the events in your account. But if it senses some kind of malicious behavior or web attack, it blocks it and warns the user immediately.

The great thing about this protection system is that it doesn’t require someone to manually upgrade it, as this system automates all sorts of operations. The company reported that this protection framework would block 99.98 % web attacks.


Well, the name may sound a little different, but almost everything is the same as the cPanel. The only difference here is that the SPanel is very lightweight compared to cPanel, and like cPanel, users can easily access their domains and all their accounts.

The SPanel’s other advantage is that it helps users to quickly track server operation. In addition, the account owner would also have access to the admin panel and this will give them full control over the server.

So, there you have it, those were some of the benefits of Scala hosting. Though there are some other benefits as well along with the cheap web hosting plans that are provided by them.

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