Web Hosting Pad: Review 2020

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Established in the year 2005, Web Hosting Pad was founded by a group of few experts in hosting industry. This company has their corporate offices in IL in the United States, Rolling Medows and servers in Chicago, IL. They are working with an aim to provide the best web hosting solutions to their users at the most affordable prices possible. They also commit to using only best brand equipment. Also, focusses on implementing the best industry practices. Now, they host more than 2 lakhs domains and the number keep growing with the passing time.

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Web Hosting Pad is comes with various features, Lets have a look on the best ones.

Decent Customer Support

You can connect to the support team of Web Hosting Pad through an Email, live chat or via toll free phone call. You can get good response from the technical team with in a very short time. There have been issues for their replies where you will need to wait but the team comes with a great response for your site. Simple issues can be solved easily via live chat, but if there are some major issues you can connect them through phone calls on a higher level.

Cheap Pricing

One of the reasons why you can pick Web Hosting Pad is that it is certainly available at unbelievably cheap price than compared to various other hosting providers. With no exception the slimed down plan is one of best and cheapest options available for the users. The billing cycle gets reduced once you go for an extra period. There is other reason for why it offers so cheap hosting plans, however, if price is your main concern then Web Hosting Pad is the one you should go for.

Money Back Guarantee

One of the strongest factors that you can get with a Web Hosting Pad is a strong money back guarantee which is for 30 days. If by any chance you don’t find they services and offers reliable you can get the amount back if applied with in 30 days of the account sign up. However, the money back guarantee doesn’t apply to services like addons, site transfer fees, renewals, service charges, domain name registration and more such. The guarantee only applies to the cost of hosting purchase.


One more important factor to consider while many of them outline is the security of the site. The cheapest options available also have a limit of various extra stuff like security and more. Luckily, with Web Hosting Pad is not throwing in Malware Quarantine or Automated Malware Scanner for their WP hosting plans.

If you visit their site, you can surely notice that they offer the most affordable hosting plans to their users as they emphasis the value of money. I really don’t go for Web Hosting Pad but if price is the only concern then there is no looking back. I don’t prefer Web Hosting Pad because of its low uptime and loading speed of the page.

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