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A2 hosting was initially called Iniquinet, which was introduced in 2001 but in 2003 the name quickly changed into A2 hosting. Today it is one of the industry’s leading hosting companies. Considering that the highest priority is high speed and stability, A2 hosting has a high power hosting reputation.

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A2 Hosting is 100% carbon free since 2007. In collaboration with Climate Fund, it is committed to renewable energy activities to reduce the carbon footprint under the FutureServce scheme.

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Uptime Guarantee

Neither of the web hosting service providers in the industry can claim an uptime guarantee of 100%, however, A2 hosting is one of those rare web hosting service providers claiming a closest to 100% which is 99.90% uptime guarantee ensuring that the website is never left behind the curve. As per reports, it is revealed that A2 hosting goes only under 9 hours of downtime each year which is great to consider.

High Speed loading Performance

The speed of the website can either make or break the reputation of your website over the search engine result pages. However, with A2 hosting, you will not have to worry about the loading speed as it is recorded to be one of fastest loading speed provider in the industry of web hosting service providers.


Each of the hosting plans offered by A2 will provide your website with a free SSL certificate. Additionally, for higher safety, A2 has innovated its own Perpetual Security Initiative taking every possible action to protect your website. With the Perpetual security initiative, each of the user account will be equipped with a free HackScan protection working 24/7 in order to prevent attacks onto the website. which works day and night The additional firewall protection server will be blocking the unauthorized users. To access to the servers, the staff members use keys.

Customer Support

Initially, A2 hosting started with providing a 30-day money back guarantee policy like every other web hosting service providers in the industry. However, A2 hosting soon modified its policy from 30 days money back to the “any-time money back guarantee” policy providing major benefit to the users. The policy offered by SiteGround grabbed a lot of attention which says that you will get a refund within the first days if unhappy with the services but if you are prepaying the amount for three years, you can ask for refund at any point of time. However, services like domain registrations and website development are non-refundable.

Free website migration

Transferring your website from previous web hosting providers to A2 web hosting is an easy task. The expert team will move your website within a few hours of your request for free of cost.

Final Thoughts

Opting A2 hosting would be one of your best decisions to look forward to.  The specific strength of the A2 hosting plans will help you manage your website easier and better.

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