A Review On Liquid Web Hosting WordPress Hosting

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Pros Cons
Offers a wide range of high-performance plans No shared hosting available
Excellent Industry-leading support Lacks Greater Knowledge Base
100 % Uptime Guarantee

Liquid Web ‘s excellent server speed and reliability is well known. Even they provide some of the state’s leading resource. Established in 1997, Liquid Web hosting has over 3,000 customers, that has served  one of the biggest brands in the American Market such as Dell,  The Home Depot and Motorola. Experts suggest that if you can afford ones hosting plans, you will be in no way get unsatisfied with the services they provide .   The company holds its  servers privately and their servers are located at their own  data centre . That may seem like a summary about what each web hosting service does, but Liquid Web extends far beyond just remotely serving up data.The company can handle all the site’s administrative duties and support tasks, regardless of complexity and scale. As you’d probably suspect, this type of service is designed with big businesses in mind. Liquid Web’s managed hosting is also quite pricey, but with the big ticket comes big specs.

Liquid Web Hosting Review

Types of Hosting Services Offered

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are a developer in any manner, then  you understand that there your website that is built on  WordPress needs to be free from  bloatware and unnecessary  software . This bloat will slow down your site, affecting your SEO and your overall websites.   That’s why they should look specifically for just a WordPress hosts that is optimised to deliver quick  WordPress.

The best web hosts have custom servers which can easily load WordPress pages. One of those hosts is Liquid Network.

Technologies  Used For WordPress

To accomplish these fast speeds, some technological innovations use Liquid Web are a s follows:

1.Compression of Images

2. All SSD (solid-state drive).(SSDs are quicker and more trustworthy than regular HDDs ).

3. Latest  PHP 7 (higher than other PHP versions  that provides security and speed).

4.HTTP/2 (Displayed on WordPress Operated Plans)

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Important Features Of Liquid Web Hosting

The managed  WordPress  are a part of the name of the plan refers to a range of items, many of which are special to the Liquid Network.

The  features that you are going to get in via this managed plan are as follows

Free Migration
Updates to automatic plugin
Automated WordPress Updates
Customer Support Via E-mail, online chat or phone
Unmetered bandwidth
Automatic Daily Updates
Boosted Security Patches
Free  SSL certificates
Automatic compression of the image
Various Other tools such as Git, WP-CLI, Ruby on Rails

Important Features To Consider

Security Features

You have the liquid web security coverage. .Encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL),  (VPNs), secured malware scans and elimination, etc. are available in this plan . Some features include some bundles, and some have to be purchased as add-ons. Liquid Web also provides free overnight monitoring to ensure unless you avoid no harm to the website.

Excellent Uptime

Updating the site is one of a web service’s key problems. Customers or clients can not find your, or use your  services if your website is disabled. You do not , Liquid Web is amazingly secure as it removes the possibility of bad web sites.


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