The Dos and Don’ts for Practicing SEO

Search engine optimization is always a game between your content and its visibility on search engines. In order to get better rankings, you should always follow all the rules and apply various techniques wisely. It requires constant change; that’s why you have to keep up with all the advancements. The techniques that seem to work for the past few years might not be effective when applied today.

Below are the dos and don’ts of SEO techniques adopted by Top SEO Company:

The Dos:

  • Getting a lot of backlinks from other websites. For you to improve your website’s SEO, you must get significant amount of backlinks from reputable and relevant websites.
  • Coming up with high-quality and interesting contents. Quality is what makes a dominating website stand out from the regular ones. Your content must be well-researched, well-written and engaging. Allow website interaction by letting people post comments and spread your content through social media.
  • Making use of keywords in titles, headings, meta descriptions, text body and tags. To increase your chances of getting high rankings in Google searches, you have to include and spread keywords in your content.
  • Guesting in blogs and other reputable websites. Participating as guest contributor or blogger on relevant popular websites will increase your chances of getting more number of readers. Make sure to write only for reputable blogs and websites. Remember to write quality contents in all of those sites to establish credibility.
  • Keeping track of your backlinks. Backlinks are important for search engine optimization especially when monitored. In order to maintain updated links and clean backlink profiles, you may use a monitoring tool.
  • Inclusion of infographics. Nowadays, contents that contain infographics are not only responsible for keeping the interest of readers, they also help in increasing you website traffic through.
  • Apart from giving that much needed boost in search engine results, sitemaps also allow your website to increase its crawl rate and index during searches. Sitemaps aren’t difficult to create and a lot of online articles are available on how to create an effective one.
  • Developing patience as a virtue. The results of applying various search engine optimization techniques don’t happen overnight. It may take a few months or years for you to see the overall benefits of using them. If you’re assured of using the best search engine optimization practices, then results are coming now matter how long you’ll wait.
  • Posting contents regularly. Search engines and your website readers will think that your website hasn’t been abandoned due to the presence of fresh contents. Aside from being new, your contents must also be helpful and long enough to contain more keywords for them to rank better on search phrases.

The Don’ts:

  • Stay away from using of irrelevant links. Your website will get penalized if it contains links from non-relevant websites. What’s the sense of having irrelevant links from unrelated websites in the first place? For instance, a link of a sporting site has nothing to do with your website that’s focusing on eCommerce.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Too much use of keywords in your articles will not benefit you from getting too much audience. Remember that you are writing for them, not for search engine bots.
  • Never do guest posting on bad websites. Websites that have bad reputation won’t contribute to your credibility as a writer. How can you consider that certain websites have bad reputations? If they contain lower quality contents than yours.
  • Get rid of optimizing anchor texts. Usually, google will penalize your website for over optimizing anchor texts of its backlinks. Remember that links on your website should carry your brand’s name and not money keywords.
  • Keep away from submitting your website to almost a thousand search engines. Let Google do the crawling and indexing for you. Normally, this search engine considers your website once you already have your primary links.

If you’re a bit confused after reading all these, you probably need help. Get in touch with a reputable SEO firm for more information.

Alexis Tudor / September 2, 2016 / SEO, SEO Tips

Customer Focused Online Marketing

Utilizing online marketing techniques can be quite an expensive investment. But when done properly, it can spell an increase in profits.

It has been forecasted that by the end of 2016, over 3 billion people worldwide will have an access to the net. This means businesses will be able to reach more customers both locally and internationally.

But with a lot of competition around, it will take more than just a simple web presence to become a success. By optimizing your online marketing techniques to be customer focused, you can establish a stronger brand.

Identify your Market

online marketingWhether you choose to use social media or do email marketing, it is important you fully understand who your target customers are. Creating a profile helps you build a marketing campaign that’s more strategic and focused.

For example, if you were selling pots and pans, it would be beneficial to identify who would be your top customers. The basic profile would start with home makers. But in order to have a more personal approach, you would need to add in more details.

  • Demographics – What type of customers do you aim to reach? This will include elements like age, education, location and profession.
  • Professional and Personal Attributes – You can make it more specific by identifying other factors such as whether they are decision makers or what sort of responsibilities do they have.

You can even use these strategies to promote your brand to a different market. One tobacco company did this a few decades ago. They started marketing their filtered cigarettes to men despite the already established popularity with women. They used factors that “real men” would consider as acceptable and repackaged their brand so it became a “manly” thing to smoke.

By doing comprehensive research and development on your intended market, you can sun campaigns that are cost effective.

Purchase Map

different channelsWhen planning your campaign, consider the different ways that customers can get to you. What are the different channels that would be most efficient for you to use. If they were to look for what you’re selling, where would they possibly go?

If your target market is consumers, then social media may be your best option. However, if you were selling industrial or construction materials then perhaps forums or search engine sites will work better. Investing in irrelevant online strategies will just be a waste of budget.

Another factor to consider is what sort of information your customers need to get immediately. This will help you ensure that the content of your website is able to answer these appropriately. You can choose to invest in a content writing expert to get better results.

Promote Customer Loyalty

Customer LoyaltyFocusing on your customers when you run marketing campaigns will help build a mutually beneficial relationship. They see that you have their best interest at heart and you continue to generate profit from their continued business.

By asking yourself the question “what do my customers need”, you create a brand that consumers can relate to. This can result in repeated business with your customers spreading word about you as well. There are different ways of online marketing techniques that promote customer focused strategies.

Social Media

social-mediaThere are over 2 billion social media users all over the world. Recent surveys showed that there is a new user added on these networks every 12 seconds. The average user spends over an hour each day watching videos or posting on their accounts.

With these many potential customers available, it is no wonder that more than 90% of retail companies market their products on these networks. In fact over 20% of marketing budgets were spent on social media by almost 40% of these companies.

This is a great way to run a customer focused marketing campaign.  When you go on social media, you have direct interaction with your targeted market. It becomes more personal and you are able to engage your customers and promote your brand.

Email Marketing

email-marketingThere are almost 3 billion email users in the world and it is steadily growing higher. It’s been forecasted that by 2019, over a third of the entire world’s population will have at least one email account. These numbers are the main reasons a lot of companies are using email correspondences for both new and existing customers.

As a matter of fact, this customer focused marketing strategy is cost effective with an estimated 3800% ROI. That translates to $38 per $1 spent.

When you use this method, you are able to reach your customers at their convenience as 58% of emails are read on mobile devices. It is a win-win situation as you can get an increase in profit and your customers feel valued with this personal interaction.

Alexis Tudor / June 21, 2016 / Online Marketing

6 Internet Marketing Benefits to Remember

Internet marketingIn this generation, the internet has the power to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why online marketing plays a vital role in keeping up with the growing demands in the business field. With the combined efforts on using social media, delivering affordable communication and building connections with prospective clients, businesses turn to online marketing and get away with the traditional marketing and advertising methods.

What are the reasons why companies go for it? This article lists down 6 benefits of online marketing:

1.It is more affordable - Businesses always invest on marketing and advertising campaigns to promote their brand. If they promote products through retail outlets, they may incur recurring costs of rental fees and property maintenance. With online marketing, businesses don’t need to worry about these costs. Plus, there are no more shelves and cabinets to fill with stocks. Instead, all they need to do is to order product as anticipation for future demands.

2.It provides convenient selling hours. Retail establishments need to strictly adhere to their opening and closing schedules. Working overtime is also inevitable. By setting up an online store that’s open 24/7, business owners can focus on other aspects of the business. Plus, it also allows customers to find and shop for products on the Internet at their most convenient time. When they find that it’s convenient, they can place orders no matter how busy and how far they are.

3.It provides customized approach on advertising - By building purchase history and customer profiles based on their preferences, online marketing lets businesses personalize offers for the consumers. Business owners can create target offers based on the interest of the consumers by tracking down their webpage visits and sets of product information. To increase more sales, businesses can also conduct data planning with all the available information coming from tracking website visits that can be used for cross-selling campaigns.

4.Internet marketing lets businesses maximize social media’s power - MarketingNowadays, businesses set up social media accounts to target customers at a wider reach. Since most people are using social media every day, it’s essential for businesses to take advantage of these social networks to increase their revenues. How? Just incorporate various social media tools in each online marketing campaign and profits will come after.

5.It builds consumer relationships that can lead to a growing network of connections. It is crucial to increase customer retention levels and build close relationships with existing clients through the Internet. While it’s difficult to do this overnight, there are various ways to do it slowly:

•First, start by sending out a confirmation/thank you email every time they purchase a product.

•Second, provide personal touches by regularly sending emails that contain special offers specifically customized just for them. This is a good foundation to maintain good relationship with the clients.

•Third, don’t forget to make them feel valued by knowing their feedbacks and reviews through setting up community forums and comments boxes. Good reviews and positive feedbacks not only boost the product’s popularity, but they will also help in establishing the overall reputation of the business.

6.It allows businesses to have a wider reach. Online marketing can overcome all distance barriers. With the help of social media and positive reviews, the product can instantly become a popular household name. Add some quality service on distributing the product and consumers will surely demand more from it.

Because of its benefits, Internet marketing can really open doors for a lot of new opportunities for business owners. However, it’s important to have a concrete and detailed online business marketing plan before getting excited about the opportunities. By doing so, those web-savvy customers who know how to spot online businesses with disorganized marketing presence won’t consider it as one.

Alexis Tudor / February 18, 2016 / Internet

The Basic Elements of a Facebook Page

facebook-seoAside from being able to connect people from different parts of the world together, social media sites like Facebook have now become effective tools for any business owner to make their presence known, due to the sheer number of people using it every day.

This is the reason why creating a Facebook page is almost mandatory for any type of business and for SEO. But even with this, most internet marketers neglect the importance of the basics, despite having vast resources to draw upon.

So while you’re building (or maintaining) your Facebook business page, ask yourself these questions and see if you’re maximizing the features that Facebook offers for you.

Is your Cover Photo presentable?

The first thing that people will notice when visiting any Facebook page is the cover photo. Therefore, the cover photo should define the overall aspect of your business in a single glance. It should also be pleasing to the eyes and doesn’t distract much from the overall content featured on your Facebook page. The size guidelines for Facebook cover photos is around 851 x 315 pixels, so make sure that you make the most of it.

Have you filled your “About” page?

The importance of having a completely-filled “About” page simply can’t be stressed enough, as after the cover photo, this is where most people will go to when they want to find out more about your business. For the Description field, it may not necessarily be a full-blown description of the business, but at least give a detailed introduction on what your business is about and other miscellaneous things. You can also fill out the Contact Information for people to send their feedback to you directly (This should also be mentioned in the “Description.”), and optionally, you can fill out the Basic information on the page to give some more details about your business.

The “About” page is also a good opportunity to get your SEO efforts rolling, so make sure that you put in at least a few relevant keywords on your business description in order for your page to be picked up and ranked by search engines.

Does your URL define who you are?

The ability to create your own URL for your Facebook page can be achieved once your page reached 25 Likes (apparently a very easy feat if you’re smart in your marketing efforts). Make sure that your URL is relevant to your business, and that you choose it very carefully, because once you’ve set your URL name, you can never change it back.

Are you interactive enough?

Posting content rarely can have a negative impact on your Facebook page, but posting too frequently isn’t too good either. To get the best results, moderate the amount of content updates on your page. The rest of the time should be focused on interacting with the readers via responding to their comments and feedback. Remember that Facebook is a social media site, and the reason that you created your business page isn’t to just have a place for product updates, but also a tool so that you can get to connect with your consumers better.

Are you monitoring your progress using Insights?

Insights is a Facebook feature that’s available after your page reaches 30 Likes. It allows you to monitor the overall progress of your page, how often readers respond to your posts, as well as other data that’ll be useful in your marketing campaign. Using Insights, you’ll be able to determine which of the content that you make earns more lead-ins than the others, allowing you to replicate a strategy that you used previously or to make some improvements on others that aren’t generating your expected leads.

Have you read Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS)?

Finally, it’s important to note Facebook’s TOS guidelines on business pages, and respond to them accordingly. Breaking any of these guidelines may cause Facebook to delete your page, sometimes without any notice. Moreover, there may be times on when there’ll be some changes to the TOS, so it’s important that you read them on a regular basis in order to avoid breaking any rules.

Alexis Tudor / October 29, 2015 / SEO

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