All you need to know about WordPress! How much will it cost you?

All you need to know about WordPress! How much will it cost you?

Are you looking out for the best platform where you can create professional and creative blogs? Well, WordPress is the best option for blogging. This will help in managing your data so precisely and also lets you build your own website in whatever format you wish to. WordPress fulfills your need for a complete website where you can even introduce various goods and services and start an ecommerce store. To get all these works done for you, you must be thinking that WordPress is going to charge you a high amount. But honestly WordPress is absolutely free. Yes, you heard it right!

WordPress is free and an open-source software. Anyone can start building their websites on this platform without paying any amount. Here, you need not involve coding or computer tricks in order to build your website. You just need to gain certain knowledge about WordPress tools and tips in order to create magic in your site. Although its free, you need to spend a significant amount of money for using WordPress. Otherwise, there are no extra or useless charges involved here.

WordPress is an open-source software Content Management System which is also known as CMS that lets you build powerful and dynamic websites and blogs. This comes with the freedom for you to use, build and modify the software according to your own wish but there might be certain costs involved somewhere.

WordPress Copyright is not at all free. The license of this software is designed in such a way that it can be used by anyone but the contribution made to the software is copyrighted. You can do absolutely anything on WordPress for modifying or building your website but the credits go to the WordPress. The work that you do inherits the GPL license and hence others are free to use and rebuild your website as per their wish.

Now, when it comes to using themes on WordPress, there are many free themes available here but there are premium themes which come with huge features and adds benefit to your website. For activating these themes, you must buy it by paying some money. As you buy certain premium theme, you will get to enjoy premium features like customer support and service related to that theme. You can’t buy these premium themes from other places; you need to buy it from WordPress itself. If you are creating a very serious website, paying a small amount for premium themes won’t do any harm.

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