What is food blogging?

What is food blogging?

Would you call yourself a foodie? What is food blogging? 

Do you still order different dishes when you go out for dinner with your friends? Do you want to try all the tasty munchies and see each morsel in your mouth as a flaring flavor? Will you spend hours creating a recipe, ensuring it has the correct shape and taste? Do you know how the hollandais sauce varies from béarnaise? Are you a good companion for fruit, beverages, cooking, etc. in your circle of friends?

All we can say is congratulations if you find yourself in the above sentences. You have all the expertise to become a credible food writer.

Tip 1: Pick a niche

One of the most critical things to do is care beyond your niche if you’re a food blogger.

Try to concentrate on one of the recipes you enjoy and do the most, rather than attempting to share with your viewers a varietal of recipes from around the world.

Can you cook vegan, organic plates? Are you on a particular diet such as Keto or Paleo, and are you cooking these portions? Have you spent a summer with Italian chefs in Tuscany and enhanced your cooking skills? You were in hundreds and sampled all the wonderful French meals and desserts at French restaurants? Make confident that you find your niche, whatever the case might be.

Tip 2: Be from the social media

Do you exist, particularly if you’re a blogger, if you have no social media accounts? Perhaps not. Not definitely.

All you share on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts must also be posted on your blog. We recommend you concentrate on Instagram, which is the best forum for sharing amazing photos of the recipes that you make and share “hinter the scenes.”

Bonus tip: One of the most relevant tips for food blogging is: Pinterest, don’t forget! Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to access your blog traffic.

Tip 3: Write Clearly!

The more you write, the better you will get at it, you will see — the more you will write. You’re going to develop your own style of writing.

But in addition to your own distinctive theme, you must ensure that your blog posts are error-free and all words are grammatically correct. Also, don’t include jargon so much, try to avoid passive voices.

To wrap up

At the end of the day, you should note one thing about your being a food blogger: being a food blogger is like being a Santa Clause. Regardless of the number of kilometres, or in this situation, the recettes ingredients that you have to purchase and waste, it’s about getting customers what they want in the most enticing and accessible way.


We hope you will be helped by these food blog tips on your blogger trip. Good luck, please let us know how this has gone.

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